I am derbegott

A few words about me

My name is Andreas, from Hamburg Germany. I started playing poker for fun at the side of my engineering studies. After a while of playing I realized that I might be able to generate a decent side income while studying and decided to take it more serious with moderate success. Since my engineering Studies took too much focus, I decided to get my degree first and then put 100% of my focus on Poker. After I got my B. Sc. I joined BBZ Poker and the rest is history.

My success

With dedication, endless hours of studying and amazing coaches I managed to get to some decent results in MTT-Poker, with numerous 5-figure scores, including first Place finishes in the $215 Battle Royal and $215 Bounty Builder as well as multiple Final Table appearances in COOP events. The following shows my results in the past 4 years over all sites I play.

You can see when I decided to take coaching myself and put in more hours off the table! The Graph is filtered to $330 Buy ins (abi $60). Also, up to this buy in level I feel confident taking students and provide valuable knowledge. For more advanced players I would highly recommend having a look at the coaches that also taught me at


Poker Coaching

The process

Usually we start with a Database analysis and scan your game for leaks. Subsequently I will summarize your leaks and suggest you an area of your game to look at, which will in my opinion have the highest EV for you. In general, I will provide support for any topic of your choice, whereby i always follow a scientific and solver-based approach.

My expertise
  • Math Basics: Pot odds, MDF, Bluff frequencies etc.
  • Preflop play: Steals, Defends, 3b/4b+, Squeezes etc.
  • Postflop play: Flop/Turn/River Cbets, Defends, 2Bets, check/raises, Barrels, Bluffs etc.
  • Multiway play: 3-way postflop play.
  • ICM: Adjustments for mid stage, late stage, and bubble play.
  • Bounty: Adjustments for Knockout tournaments during all stages of the game.
  • Exploits: When to adjust from GTO play.
Coaching tools
  • Power Equilab: Range construction, equity simulation etc.
  • ICMizer: Push/Fold play, ICM and Bounty simulations
  • PIO solver: Postflop GTO models. (also, icm adjusted or exploit based)
  • Simple 3-way: Multiway GTO models
  • Simple Preflop: Preflop Chart generation (also icm/exploit adjusted)
  • 1 Hour: 75€
  • 5 Hours: 338€ (10% off)
  • 10 Hours: 638€ (15% off)

My students

  • Micro-, Low- and Midstakes Tournament Players

What you need

  • Discord
  • Microphone
  • Database tool
    (Ideally PokerTracker 4)


  • English
  • German

Let’s work together

Email Discord